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Agnaldo Manuel dos Santos – The Conquest of Modernity

Curatorship: Juliana Bevilacqua

The largest exhibition dedicated to the work of the black artist, who died at age 35, brings together around 60 wooden sculptures, produced between 1953 and 1962. The curator's research on Agnaldo's work was based on testimonies and documents to present an artist to the public which subverted the modernity granted to him, by not accepting to explore only the themes that they tried to impose on him.

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Sacilotto - The Vibration of Color

Curatorship: Denise Mattar and Gabriel Pérez-Barreiro

Highlighting his mature original production from 1974, which remained constant and intense until his death in 2003, the exhibition presents the different searches Sacilotto pursued over these years, during which he carried out the most vibrant kinetic research in Brazilian art, followed by an impressive chromatic investigation.

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Terra and Temperature

Curatorship: Germano Dushá

Through a diverse set of paintings, drawings, sculptures and objects, the exhibition proposes an engaging environment to discuss universal issues based on their local manifestations.
The exhibition brings together 90 works by 30 artists from different periods, regions and practices, such as Mestre Guarany, Madalena dos Santos Reinbolt, Tarsila do Amaral and Mira Schendel, in a non-linear journey, without defined paths.

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Men at Work - The city that never sleeps, in the Foto Cine Clube Bandeirante imaginary

Curatorship: Iatã Cannabrava

The first Almeida & Dale’s virtual exhibition is dedicated to photograpy and shows the era when brazilians art modernism achieved the most relevant transformation in the photo model.

In this selection you can find some imagens from 1946 and 1965, signed by Jose José Oiticica, Barbara Mors, José Yalenti, Eduardo Ayrosa, Maria Cecilia Agostinelli and Eduardo Salvatore.

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The Extraordinary Impurities of Miriam Inez da Silva

Curatorship: Bernardo Mosqueira

Curatorial assistence: Ana Clara Simões Lopes

A painter and engraver born in 1937 in Goiás, Miriam was a student of Ivan Serpa at MAM-RJ and participated in two International Biennials of São Paulo (1963 and 1967). Almeida & Dale Art Gallery, brings the work of the artist still unknown to the public.

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Candido Portinari: Iara Ballet

Discover the history of the Ballet Iara through the drawings and paintings by Candido Portinari created for the costumes and scenarios.The idea of Balé Iara arose in 1941, during a meeting between the poet Guilherme de Almeida and Wassily de Basil, director of the Original Ballet Russe, who, enchanted with Brazilian culture, sought to integrate the richest Brazilian elements into the innovative ballet. Maestro Francisco Mignone was the composer responsible for the musical part of the Ballet Iara.

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Burle Marx: Recreated Paradises

Curatorship: Guilherme Wisnik

Roberto Burle Marx was one of the most important landscapers of the 20th century. He incorporated a plastic aesthetic into the creation of landscapes and tirelessly experimented with and searched for new solutions for his art. Landscaping carried the logic of plastic arts, in unique aesthetic perception, through the use of shapes, textures, color, volume, and shadows, transforming public and private spaces. A multifaceted and restless artist, he was a landscaper, a painter, a sculptor, a jewelry designer, a ceramist, an ecologist, and a musician. He created fabrics, jewelry, costumes, sets, sculptures, prints, and gardens with his avant-garde and modern artistic style.

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