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Alberto da Veiga Guignard – Drams and Whispers

Curated by Denise Mattar
09.24 — 11.29.2014

The rich selection made by the curator in the exhibition Alberto da Veiga Guignard - Dreams and Whispers revealed a facet which highlights the poetic side of the artist. Among nuances and changes, the Guignard seen in the fluid works of 1960 is also evident in works with vigorous traits from the 1930s, particularly landscapes, flowers and portraits, besides works on religious themes and still life.

The exhibition provided an overview of Guignard´s career by bringing together works seldom displayed for public viewing. The exhibition included painting from significant private collections, and by renowned institutions, such as the Edson Queiroz Foundation and Guignard House Museum, in addition to the Roberto Marinho Collection and the Gilberto Chateaubriand Collection – Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro.

The huge painting Landscape from 1947 was loaned by the Guignard House Museum in Minas Gerais state. Measuring 1.58 m tall by 2.08 m across, the painting is on show in a gallery for the first time. The beauty of Minas Gerais can also be seen in the Landscape of Ouro Preto of 1962, one of Guignard last artworks.

Representations of the Botanic Gardens of Rio de Janeiro, rare for their outstanding quality, are also in the show, as are Flowers painted in the 1940s, and Vase with Flowers and Apples from 1931, considered one of Guignard´s most stunning flower vases.

The selection of portraits also encompassed works that have not been on display for a long time, such as Família Paisagem de Minas (Family Landscape of Minas), from the 1930s. Semiramis Portrait (1942), whose frame was also painted by Guignard, and Portrait of a Girl (1935), are also in the show.

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