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Tomie Ohtake

Kyoto - Japan, 1913 São Paulo - SP, 2015

Tomie Ohtake explores abstract shapes in her paintings, watercolors, drawings, prints and sculptures. Her works display the lightness and technical precision of Japanese art, with light strokes, sober chromatic plays and balanced compositions. Oriental aesthetics is also expressed in the economy of elements and especially in the absence of ornamental elements in her artwork. Her works establish an intimate dialogue between oriental tradition and contemporary art.

In painting, Tomie Ohtake plays with contrasting color masses and highly expressive brush strokes. In printmaking, she works especially with silkscreen and lithographs, in which she can exploit the gestural nature of the drawing and brush strokes. She also produced sculptures for public spaces, such as Ondas (Waves) to mark eighty years of Japanese immigration and installed on 23 de Maio Avenue in São Paulo.

Tomie is a prominent presence in the Brazilian art scene. In 2003, the Tomie Ohtake Institute was inaugurated in São Paulo, dedicated to exhibitions, events and debates on contemporary art.

Sem título, 1967

óleo sobre tela
99,5 x 69,5 cm

Abstrato, 1984

óleo sobre tela
150 x 150 cm

Sem título, 1991

acrílica sobre tela
200,5 x 200,5 cm

Pintura, 1964

óleo sobre tela
70 x 60 cm

Sem título, s.d.

óleo sobre tela
125 x 135 cm

Sem título, 1986

acrílica sobre tela
160 x 420,5 cm

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