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Lasar Segall

Vilnius - Lithuania, 1889 São Paulo - São Paulo, 1957

Segall uses expressionist strokes and colors to create dark atmospheres in compositions with geometric structures and dark and contrasting colors. The social and psychological characterization in his compositions is depicted through the strong body and facial expressions of the characters or through furniture and interiors that portray material poverty.

The artist has also produced an extensive collection of drawings and engravings addressing recurrent themes, the disadvantaged and those marginalized by society. Akin to his painting, Segall again explores expressive deformations of the characters and oppressive environments.

Born in Lithuania, Segall was responsible for one of the first exhibitions of modern art in Brazil in 1913. Ten years later he moved permanently to the country. Influenced by tropical colors and lights, his palette evolved to include lighter, more contrasting colors. In addition to his usual themes, he also creates works that addressed local aspects, stories and characters.

Auto-Retrato IV, 1931

óleo sobre tela
54 x 65 cm

Favela, 1956

óleo sobre tela
130,5 x 89 cm

Retrato de Sonia, 1948

óleo sobre tela
37 x 28 cm

Portrait Lucy, 1936

óleo sobre tela
40 x 33 cm

Retrato de Thereza, 1949

óleo sobre tela
61 x 50 cm

Mulheres Errantes, 1919

óleo sobre tela

Mulato I, 1924

óleo sobre tela
63 x 43 cm

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