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José Pancetti

Campinas - São Paulo, 1902 Rio de Janeiro - Rio de Janeiro, 1958

Portrait, landscape and sea views are the painting genres prevalent in the work of José Pancetti. Like other great Brazilian painters, he was interested chiefly in the craft of painting: the mastery of colors, brush strokes and pictorial composition in developing his own personal style, albeit influenced by the great masters, both classical and modern. Thus, akin to Portinari or Di Cavalcanti, Pancetti’s works employ modern colors and brush strokes, influenced by Paul Gauguin and Cezanne and detailed spatial composition learned in lessons on the Renaissance masters.

His experience as a sailor and trips along the Brazilian coast helped make his sea views the best-known and honed genre of his work. He painted beach scenes of the Brazilian seaside towns of Itanhaém, Mangaratiba, Cabo Frio and Arraial do Cabo, among others. His paintings involve sober and silent compositions in which the sea, sand and sky are horizontal masses of colors with textures and variations in tone, interspersed with few elements, such as fishermen, nets and boats.

After settling in Bahia in the 1950s, his sea views gained even more vivid vibrant colors, emphasizing the contrast between the dark waters, white sand and the colorful fabrics of washerwomen.

Cocos, 1951

óleo sobre madeira
23 x 30 cm

Marinha, 1943

óleo sobre tela
22 x 27 cm

Bahia Mont Serrat, 1951

óleo sobre tela
22 x 33 cm

Bahia, 1952

óleo sobre tela
40 x 58 cm

Sem título, s.d.

óleo sobre cartão sobre tela
44 x 32 cm

Série Mata São João, 1951

óleo sobre tela
46 x 55 cm

Sem título, 1945

óleo sobre tela
48 x 71 cm

Saquarema, 1955

óleo sobre tela
50 x 61 cm

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