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Flávio de Carvalho

Barra Mansa - Rio de Janeiro, 1899 Valinhos - São Paulo, 1973

Flávio de Carvalho was a prominent figure in São Paulo culture. His output was extensive and varied, in a range of roles including painter, draftsman, architect, set designer, decorator, writer, playwright, playwright and engineer.

He was the creator of two iconic architectural projects of modern architecture in São Paulo: the Lorena Mall (1936 – 1938) and the Capuava Farm (1939).

It would be fair to say that Flávio de Carvalho was one of the most innovative and transgressive artists of his day. He staged performances such as Experience No. 3, in which he walked through the center of Sao Paulo in a skirt, stating the need to assume a Brazilian tropical costume, a reference to indigenous dress as opposed to the heavy formal suits from European. He was also an excellent painter and designer, with strikingly expressionist features and colors. Some of his paintings feature dreamlike and surreal atmospheres.

Flávio de Carvalho was one of the creators of the Clube dos Artistas Modernos (Modern Artists Club) - CAM, a forum for discussion of different areas, which fuelled the cultural life of the city of São Paulo, bringing together artists, composers and writers, and psychiatrists. In theater, he created text, sets, costumes and lighting for O bailado do Deus Morto (The Dead God Ballet), an experimental show with a strong Dadaist influence, incorporating aesthetic and conceptual innovations of the time.

Retrato de Nicolás Guillén, 1948

óleo sobre tela
110 x 80 cm

Figura feminina, 1930

óleo sobre tela
43 x 31 cm

Retrato do arquiteto e pintor Carlos Prado, 1933

óleo sobre tela
46 x 33 cm

Paisagem Estival, 1964

óleo sobre tela
54 x 65 cm

Autorretrato psicológico, 1930

42 x 22 x 23 cm

Sem título, 1973

nanquim sobre papel
69 x 49 cm

Soldado, Década de 20

bastão de cera sobre papel
34 x 27 cm

Retrato de Amélia Magalhães Gouveia, 1964

óleo sobre tela
90 x 70 cm

Sem título, 1929

aquarela sobre papel
56,5 x 48,5 cm

Retrato de Ernesto Wolf, 1954

óleo sobre tela
92 x 73 cm

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