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Antonio Bandeira

Fortaleza - Ceará, 1922 Paris - France, 1967

One of the most celebrated names in Brazilian abstract painting and an accomplished watercolor artist, Antonio Bandeira began as a self-taught painter. His talent soon caught the attention of critics and other artists, by whom he had always garnered admiration and recognition.

A prodigy artist, Bandeira participated in the 1st Bienal Internacional de São Paulo. He took part in important exhibitions in Brazil, along with exhibitions in Paris, Munich, Verona, London and New York. In 1965, Bandeira moved permanently to Paris, where he remained until his death two years later.

In his painting, he often used the resources of gesture abstraction as a means to then identify figures that the resulting brush strokes on the canvas suggested to him. Although, his primary objective was not to figure paint: Bandeira found figures that spontaneously emerged from the elements of his work. Beginning in 1962, he conducted experiments incorporating unusual materials into his canvas, such as beads on the painted surface. Later in Paris, the artist also used string and Styrofoam.

Favelas Remembered, 1960

óleo sobre tela
162 x 97 cm

Uma paisagem, 1959

óleo sobre tela
100 x 81 cm

L’Arbre Rouge, 1965

óleo sobre tela
162 x 97 cm

Tela branca e preta, 1965

óleo sobre tela
55,2 x 46 cm

Sem título, 1963

óleo sobre tela
163 x 97 cm

Sem título, 1957

têmpera e nanquim sobre flã de jornal
45 x 24 cm

Paisagem vermelha, 1961

óleo sobre tela
162 x 97 cm

Marítima verde, 1959

óleo sobre tela
46,5 x 55,5 cm

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