Sandra Cinto - Artist | Almeida & Dale

Sandra Cinto

Santo André - São Paulo, 1968

Sandra Cinto drawings are usually in large format and made on unusual supports such as wood. She portrays elements which carry strong symbolic meaning, such as stairs, bridges, chasms, chandeliers and dry trees. Her early works include Retábulo (1995), a cabinet adorned with paintings of skies and clouds. The contemplative and fantastic atmosphere, resembling René Magritte, pervades the artist's work.

In her objects, installations and assemblages, Sandra Cinto also exploits images, such as documentary or journalistic photos and those from her private albums, including her own childhood photos. These images are combined, juxtaposed and superimposed with various objects, creating open, poetic and nonlinear narratives.

In 1997, Sandra Cinto participated in the International Contemporary Art Fair in Madrid. In 2005, she received the residency award from the Civitella Ranieri Foundation in Umbertide, Italy. She has had many collective and solo exhibitions, such as the Museum of Modern Art (MAM) at Oca e Construção, in 2006, and A Cor da Água (The Color of Water) in 2010. Her work is exhibited in collections such as those of the Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo (MAM / SP), the Pampulha Art Museum in Belo Horizonte and the ARCO Foundation in Spain.

Sem título, 2017

caneta permanente sobre acrílica sobre tela
200 x 200 cm

Sem título, 1999

caneta permanente e acrílica sobre madeira
70 x 90 cm

Sem título, 2004

tinta metálica sobre MDF
92 x 72 cm

Sem título, 2011

tinta metálica sobre tela
160 x 120 cm

Sem título, 2006

caneta permanente sobre acrílica sobre tela
100 x 170 cm

Sem título, 2013

Acrílica e caneta sobre tela
160 x 130 cm

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