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Rodrigo Andrade

São Paulo - São Paulo, 1962

Rodrigo Andrade arrived on the art scene of São Paulo as a member of the Casa 7 group in the 1980s. During this period, his painting shows neo-expressionist influences, working with thick masses of paint on large format canvases, broad apparent brushstrokes and contrasting colors. The works depict scenes that are fragmented like a jigsaw puzzle.

In the 2000s, his painting was based on monochromatic forms against neutral backgrounds. He produces vibrant, sometimes disturbing compositions in which the intricate arrangement of forms and relationships between figure and background cause incongruity, as opposed to the harmonic balanced groupings of the tradition of geometric abstraction. He also incorporates urban signs, but devoid of their original meaning.

Interior com máquinas de jogo e espelho, 2011

óleo sobre tela
130 x 180 cm

Paisagem de neve com estradinha, 2016

óleo sobre tela sobre mdf
120 x 180 cm

Cemitério ao entardecer, 2012

óleo sobre tela
90 x 180 cm

Velha ponte de pedra à noite, 2011

óleo sobre tela sobre aglomerado de madeira
120 x 210 cm

Sem título, s.d.

óleo sobre tela

Sem título s.d.

óleo sobre tela
180 x 270 cm

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