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Leda Catunda

São Paulo - São Paulo, 1961

Leda Catunda's work gained recognition in the 1980s. At this time, she exploited elements of mass culture, creating paintings on printed fabrics, with an emphasis on the Kitsch aesthetic. "leopard" prints, tropical themes and fruits were frequently featured in her canvases. She would incorporate scraps of fabric, sequins and plush stitched onto the canvas in many works. The objects resulting from these assemblages also resemble a popular, everyday aesthetic, on account of the accumulation of decorative elements.

Leda gradually became more interested in the three-dimensional and objects, broadening her material and process studies. She then started incorporating other industrial and everyday materials, such as tulle, velvet, plastic, quilting, canvas, leather and formica to produce compositions like soft, almost unruly sculptures. Some are abstract, others represent common everyday objects, which reflect the theme of her painting.

Leda Catunda is one of the best known artists of her generation, known as Generation 80. She has participated in many editions of the São Paulo International Biennial and had exhibitions in Japan, the United States, France and Germany, among other countries.

7 Véus Brancos, 1998

acrílica sobre voile e tela
130 x 90cm

Almofadas Azul Claro, 1994

Tecnica mista
60 x 51 cm

Severina, 1989

tecido sintético e acrilica sobre tela
51 x 148 cm

Besouro, 1994

Acrílica sobre lona e couro
37 x 28 cm

Circulos, 2010

recorte de tecido costurados sobre tela
46 x 36 x 5 cm

Autopista, 1989

caneta esferográfica sobre papel
55 x 152 cm

Mosca preta, 2001

Acrílica sobre tela e veludo
173 x 125 x 30 cm

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