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John Graz

Geneva - Switzerland, 1891 São Paulo - São Paulo, 1980

John Graz attended courses of architecture, decoration and design at the School of Fine Arts of Geneva between 1908 and 1911. He began his career painting large landscapes on canvas, which show influences of Paul Cézanne and Ferdinand Hodler.

In Geneva, he met Regina Gomide (sister of the painter Antônio Gomide), whom he married, moving to Brazil in 1920. He joined the modernist group in São Paulo, exhibiting seven canvases at the 1922 Modern Art Week and produced illustrations for the modernist magazine Klaxon. He was part of Group 7 together with Regina Graz, Antonio Gomide, Elisabeth Nobiling, Rino Levi, Victor Brecheret and Yolanda Mohalyi and was one of the founders of the renowned Sociedade Pró-Arte Moderna (SPAM) in 1932.

He also worked on residential decoration projects and was considered, together with Regina and Antonio Gomide, one of the names who introduced the art deco style in São Paulo. His work invigorated the interior decoration business in the city, with projects that brought together furniture, objects and lighting. He introduced tubular furniture, made of metal tubing and laminated wood. He created several other furniture prototypes, but many of these could not be produced on a large scale due to the limitations of the Brazilian industry at the time.

His innovative eye, technical detail and research into mediums, materials and processes had a strong influence on both art and furniture design, besides Brazilian decoration.

Cristaleira, s.d.

madeira e vidro
94 x 160 x 53 cm

Buffet Sala de Jantar II, s.d.

80 x 330 x 70 cm

Sem título, 1934

óleo sobre tela
120 x 345 cm

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